Innovation Ambassadors

The Innovation Ambassadors Network

The Innovation Ambassadors Network aims to create a supportive community across the SYB ICS to share innovative practices and identify opportunities where new ideas can have maximum impact.

Are you passionate about innovation and being part of a network of like-minded professionals keen to bring new ideas to solve some of the pressing challenges of health & social care across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw?

The ICS Innovation Hub and the AHSN will support you and your colleagues to help play a key role in accelerating the adoption of innovation within your organisation, places and neighbourhoods. If you’re interested in learning more about the Innovation Ambassadors Network and what it may mean for you and your organisation, please email the ICS Innovation Hub team.

To help us in our mission to identify unmet needs across SYB, we welcome staff across the SYB ICS organisations to join our network of Innovation Ambassadors. As an Innovation Ambassador you can play a key role in helping to nurture a culture of innovation in your respective organisations.



SYB Innovation Labs

The South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw ICS, in conjunction with the SYB Innovation Hub are delivering a pioneering series of events in the region that will bring together health and care professionals to explore how innovation can help address the foremost challenges you are experiencing.

The next Innovation Lab will be taking place on Thursday 30th June from 1300 – 1530. The third forum in the series, the theme of this Innovation Lab is developing solutions and different methods of prototyping (attendance at previous Innovation Labs is not necessary to attend this event).

The agenda will cover:

13:00 – Intro & Recap: housekeeping, etiquette, quick summary of the previous Innovation Lab

13:05 – Identifying innovative solutions: Dr Neville Young (Yorkshire & Humber AHSN)

13:20 – The process of identifying unmet needs: an update from Barnsley Hospital

  • Q&A

13:50 – Break

14:00 – Resource pitches: pitches from two support resources on methods of prototyping solutions to unmet needs, and using user centred design when developing solutions.

  • breakout rooms and discussion – how could these resources support you?

14:30 – Workshop:

(a) developing ideas &

(b) prototyping

Please bring one of your unmet needs & early ideas to use as a live example

15:15 – Closing: what will happen next

The activity booklet provides the background information on the Innovation Lab series, and describes the outputs from previous events.

The booklet also outlines some activities to think about ahead of the Lab on 30th June. If you are able to come to the Innovation Lab with some ideas about unmet needs in your organisation (or the wider health and care system), there will be opportunity to use these as real world examples when developing prototyping methods and/or identifying potential solutions to these needs.

Please complete this form to register your attendance. If you have any questions please contact the ICS Innovation Hub team at

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Innovation Ambassadors

If you're interested in finding out more about the Innovation Ambassadors Network then please contact us.