The South Yorkshire Innovation Hub plays a key role in supporting the health and care system by developing and convening networks of individuals and organisations around priority themes.

ICB Research and Innovation Forums

Since July 2022, the South Yorkshire Innovation Hub has convened a quarterly Research and Innovation Forum on behalf of the ICB, which brings together those with an interest in research and innovation in health and wellbeing across South Yorkshire. The purpose of these forums is to bring together the research, innovation and health and care strengths of South Yorkshire to collaboratively identify priorities for research and innovation, share best practice and build new partnerships to take forward research and innovation. These forums respond directly to feedback from people across the region that they want more opportunities to build connections, collaborations and a shared understanding of priorities to support research and innovation.

You can access summary reports from previous Research and Innovation Forums below:

  1. The research and innovation landscape in South Yorkshire (July 2022)
  2. The co-development of a research and innovation strategy for South Yorkshire (November 2022)
  3. Bringing innovation and research expertise to bear on delivering our priorities around cardiovascular disease (March 2023)
  4. Bringing innovation and research expertise to bear on delivering our priorities around respiratory (June 2023)
  5. Understanding opportunities for innovation and research to support mental health (March 2024)

Going forward, the Research and Innovation Forum will continue to convene partners around areas of strategic priority, including CORE20PLUS5, priorities set out within the Joint Forward Plan, and areas of improvement for research and innovation described nationally (e.g. diversifying public involvement in research).


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The hub aims to facilitate collaboration between innovators, researchers, health and care organisations, local authorities, voluntary and community groups to innovate, and accelerate the scale up and adoption of evidence based health and care innovation

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